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As a leading provider of business cash advance services, Cash Advance Exchange understands your need to access funding quickly to help your business grow and prosper.

Founded in 1997, Cash Advance Exchange(CAE) has established itself as the largest provider of alternative merchant cash advance funding for businesses nationwide. CAE has been instrumental in helping thousands of business and restaurant owners use our financial services to power the growth of their businesses after they have been turned down by conventional funding sources. With CAE, obtaining unsecured business cash advance financing up to $500,000 is fast, easy, convenient and reliable. CAE is your Small Business Loan alternative!

Simple & Easy:
  • NO collateral or personal guarantee required
  • NO fixed payments or payback time frame
  • NO restrictions on how to use the money
  • NO hidden fees or upfront costs
  • Marginal credit histories accepted
  • We get paid only when YOU get paid!
Fast & Reliable:
  • 24 hour cash advance approval process
  • 1 page application form
  • Cash Advance financing within 5 days
  • Professional customer service
  • Over 90% merchant approval rate
  • Highest quality standards
Our goal is to provide you cash without all the hassles.
Securing the future success for merchant businesses and restaurants

Let Cash Advance Exchange help your business or restaurant as we have done for thousands of others. CAE has helped businesses of all types (restaurants, retailers, salons, eCommerce merchants and more) obtain easy cash funding without the ‘red-tape’ difficulties associated with traditional bank loans and approval factors.
  • Easy 24hr Approvals
  • Receive Cash in Less than 1 Week
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