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Business and Restaurant Owners: Don’t let a lack of collateral or bad credit prevent you from obtaining a business loan or restaurant loan. Accept a business or restaurant cash advance from Cash Advance Exchange and avoid the possibility of a bank rejecting you and your small business loan or restaurant loan.

What can you do with your Business Cash Advance?
Use YOUR Business Cash Advance to:
  • Expand and grow your business
  • Increase your product line and inventory
  • Purchase new equipment
  • Pay off outstanding personal debts
  • Advertise and promote your business
  • Perform renovation upgrades
  • Pay employees and vendors
  • Use for emergencies or unexpected bills
  • Vacation expenditures
Expand your business today with $10,000 to $500,000 Business Cash Advance:

Don’t let a lack of collateral or good credit get you down. With Cash Advance Exchange, there’s NO need or reason to:

  • Apply for complicated and hard-to-qualify business loans
  • Cross your fingers on a credit check
  • Provide upfront and costly collateral
  • Be concerned about loan payments & payback timeframes
Our merchant cash advance can pay for anything you or your business needs to grow.
Expand your business today with a $10,000 to $500,000 Business Cash Advance.

The biggest advantage that a Business Cash Advance offers to the merchant is that you're not personally liable for the cash advance. Receiving cash funding from Cash Advance Exchange is of the easiest and most popular methods for small business financing. Since most merchants accept credit cards as a form of payment, this funding model is available to virtually any company that accepts credit cards.
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