The Business Cash Advance process is fast and easy.
3. How it works:

  1. Apply online and obtain approval within 24 hours. No application fees and marginal credit is accepted.

  2. Receive funds upon approval and have $10,000 to $500,000 deposited into your bank account within 5-7 days.

  3. Repay your business cash advance by having CAE deduct a 'mutually agreed upon' small percentage from your future credit card sales.

Our Business Cash Advance to you is NOT a small business loan.  There are NO loan payments, NO upfront collateral or personal gaurantee requirements, NO bank loan qualification hassles and NO worries. Your business cash advance funding is based on your future credit card sales by simply selling us a fixed dollar amount of those future sales at a discount. 

Through an automated process, we collect a small, previously agreed upon percentage from your daily credit card sales – and only after the sales are processed and batched by your business. Cash Advance Exchange is your ideal cash solution as compared to traditional small business loan or venture capital financing! Call us today or Apply now! 

Remember... when you obtain a cash advance with us, we only get paid when YOU get paid!


Let Cash Advance Exchange work to help you grow your business.

Every Retail or Restaurant business needs easy cash access to business working capital. Let Cash Advance Exchange show you how!

A Merchant Cash Advance from Cash Advance Exchange offers easy access to business capital.  Within 4-5 business days after approval, you’ll receive a lump sum of $10,000 to $500,000* from Cash Advance Exchange based on your current monthly average credit card processing sales volume (Visa / Mastercard). And…you’ll be able to grow your business with it any way you want!
Get started.
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